Intensive Tango course

From the Tango school “Potiem de Gotan”, located in Córdoba, Argentina, we offer an intensive and in-depth Tango course.


When most of the Tango teachers out there teach you a long Tango sequence in their class, we actually created a method to teach Tango in a comprehensive and organized manner. We start by teaching the basic Tango moves :
– Caminata
– Ocho
– Parada
– Corte americano
– Floreo
– Gancho
– Sacada
– Etc
We teach the Tango moves with the associated technique, so that the leader is able to guide them, and the follower can understand them.


Then we add musicality : what are the difference between every orchestra ? Is Pugleise the same as Biagi or D’Arienzo? Do you dance every Tango orchestra differently? Should we dance it simple, traspié or combinada?
We then teach you to dance the previous basic tango moves following the music, respecting the characteristics of each orchestra.


Finally, we talk about creativity, or how to create your own tango sequences. A leader in tango dancing, traditionally the man, has the difficult job of choosing the best Tango sequences to properly translate the music into movement.
A follower in tango dancing, traditionally the woman, has the equally difficult job of understanding her partner and helping him following the music, adding a feminine and sensual touch to the Tango.


The Intensive Tango Course is an in-depth course. Every class brings a new concept, a new Tango moves or a new idea.
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