Private Tango lessons

A private Tango lesson is tailored to the needs and skills of each student. A private lesson can be organized for one student, a couple or a small group of people.

In a private lesson, a student will be able to find a space to learn, to experiment and to grow.

The private lesson format is also recommended to professional dancers who want to correct a particular skill or technique, since the Tango teacher will be entirely dedicated to the student.

As a matter of fact, private Tango lessons are particularly suitable to travelers who will be staying only for a few days in Córdoba, since the teaching method is more intense, concentrating many Tango concepts in a couple of Tango lessons

Flexibility and intensity

The main characteristic of a private Tango lesson are its flexibility and the intensity.

The student or group of students will be able to choose a set of hours for their private lessons, and the teacher will design the lesson plan, tailored to the student’s needs.

During a private lesson, many topics can be seen, for example : tango salón, tango escenario, milonga, tango-vals, technique for men, technique for women, musicality, embellishments, abrazo, etc.

If you would like to schedule a private lesson, please send us a message via WhatsApp +54 9 351 3062 603, via email at, via Facebook or via the following Contact Form.