Testimonial : Tony from the USA

Thank you Rosana and Michael for the wonderful Tango experience at the Escuela de Tango “Potiem de Gotan”, Córdoba, Argentina ! It far exceeded my expectations and greatly enriched my knowledge and appreciation of Tango. And it was FUN!

Rosana & Tony studying the “Battle Plan”

Prior to attending the Escuela de Tango “Potiem de Gotan” I had studied Tango for approximately 1.5 years, including 2 trips to a large tango school in Buenos Aires. So I had some ideas and some experience, but I was looking for someone to help me understand the bigger picture and move to the next level.

After considering various schools in Argentina I decided to try the Escuela de Tango “Potiem de Gotan”. And it was exactly what I needed. The curriculum was comprehensive and well organized – including history, musicality, technique, figures and sequences, … tango liso, tango de salón, milonga, tango waltz, … and tips and techniques for dancing in the milonga.

And it was exactly what I needed

Tony, Tango student, April 2019

It was a LOT of material, but it was organized and presented clearly and patiently, with a perfect balance of theory and practice, and always with good humor.

Tony & Rosana practicing

I enjoyed ever minute of every class. My only regret is that I could not stay longer.

So, I am happy to recommend the Escuela de Tango “Potiem de Gotan” to any Tango student looking for an in-depth comprehensive Tango course. Rosana is a wonderful tango teacher.

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